Meet the Authors

You might be interested to know a little more about the people writing on our blog. They are all current or former Reconnect team members and you can find out a little more about them below.


Hi, I’m Renee and I’m the Program Coordinator of Reconnect in Auburn, Bankstown, Parramatta and Mt Druitt. I love cooking and eating great food, and love hanging out with my friends and family. My job is super important to me because for me working with and making a difference in the lives of young people and their families feels great. I often get inspired by the young people I work with, and while I enjoy giving ideas and advice to young people and seeing them grow and change, I find I learn a lot too!

I also enjoy working with my team, who also love working with young people and are great at their jobs!


Hi, my name is Melissa, but I like to be called Mel.  I am the Reconnect caseworker for the Fairfield area. On weekends I like to spend my time singing and song writing. What I love about my job, is working with young people in helping them to achieve their goals, and seeing them move up in the world.



Hi I’m Erin, I’m the Liverpool caseworker. I love books so feel free to ask what I’m reading at the moment. I really like working with young people because they are always so willing to make changes in their lives and I love helping them do that. My favourite part of my job is seeing a person discover a strength or talent they never knew they had.


Hi! I’m Phi, I’m the Indo-Chinese Adolescent & Family Case Manager for the Liverpool Fairfield program. I like swimming and camping, love Australia nature! I like to help young people, especially newly arrived young people to overcome difficulties around settling in a new country and to reach your  goals. I also like to work with parent & young people about communication skills, filling gaps of culture differences, connecting young people with family and education.



RossHi my name is Ross and I was the manager of the Liverpool/Fairfield Reconnect Program. One of my favourite things to do when I want to unwind is to play strategy and flight simulator games on my PC.  I actually love my work because I get to speak to so many different people and I get the opportunity to learn something new all the time.


Hi I’m Sarah. I was a caseworker for the Parramatta Reconnect team. I love anything related to good health because I think it’s important to know your body and how to treat it so that you can feel your best! I love working with young people because it’s such an important time to discover who you are and learn through the people around you. I feel privileged to be able to offer guidance, especially through hardship.


Hi guys my name is Leonie, I was one of the caseworker’s for Parramatta/Auburn. When I’m not at work, I’m usually playing bass guitar or drinking coffee (sometimes both at the same time)! I really like talking to young people, because they give me new perspectives on things! Some young people can have pretty major decisions to make, while experiencing loads of emotions all at once. Whether they love something or hate something, I find young people to be pretty passionate.

   That inspires me!


DanielHi, my name is Daniel. I was the Reconnect Caseworker for Auburn LGA. I can’t give up working with young people because they are amazing and have a great future in them. I
love watching soccer and actually a fan for Chelsea.



HelenHi I’m Helen, I was the Intake Caseworker for Liverpool/Fairfield. I love watching movies and practicing yoga to relax. I like working with young people and families as I love seeing relationship grow and develop within families. I think it’s great seeing young people make the changes they want in life and seeing them succeed.