I love TBH

TBH I like your eyes and your hair is so shiny

TBH you’re my best friend

TBH I think you’ve got a great sense of humour

TBH you’re really smart

TBH I never give you compliments when you dress up because I’m so jealous of how hot you look

TBH, you seem super nice and awesome, we should talk more!:)


TBH sometimes the things people say seem a bit insincere and fake.

TBH, how do I know you really mean it? Maybe you’re just being nice so I’ll say something nice about you.

TBH, how honest can you really be if you only know me from my online profiles?

TBH maybe you’re just saying something to influence the way people think of you and it has nothing to do with me.

TBH it can be hurtful if everyone else gets likes or nice comments and I get nothing.


TBH, maybe you want to be mean to me but by putting TBH first it makes it look like you’re being a friend and doing me a favour.

TBH just because a mean comment has TBH in front of it doesn’t make me feel any better.

TBH I don’t think I want my self-worth dependent on someone else’s TBH comments, I want to be strong in myself

TBH I think I prefer compliments from real friends not some random stranger online

TBH maybe I don’t like TBH as much as I thought I did


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