What makes me/you laugh?

It has been a while since I have written a story for our blog since returning from maternity leave, but I am excited to be writing again and sharing this story with you…

So what makes me laugh… can be the smallest things, such as putting an empty bowl in the fridge, or watching my son’s little bottom lip pout when he is asleep. But reflecting back to when I had a great laugh, I mean a big deep belly laugh; you know that mad crazy red in the face lose your breath, and have tears running down your face kind of laugh; or the kind of laugh that you find really entertaining where you almost feel like you have lost control; well…

I was talking to my younger sister a few weeks ago, and she was telling me how her best friend won tickets to see Ricky Martin in concert. The tickets were VIP passes to meet him after the show, so of course my sister was extremely excited, and she was telling me about getting her nails done, what she was going to wear, and where she was going out to dinner.

My sister quickly changed the subject and whilst using her dry mocking sense of humour she started telling me about the conversation she had with our step-mother who is 100% in love with R.M. Now to understand why my sister would be impersonating my step-mother it’s because she talks a bit like Edina Monsoon from the T.V show absolutely fabulous, but she looks like Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles. She loves to gossip, keep up with the Jones; and she loves to socialize; but overall she is a very loving person, and would do anything for you.

…So what made me really laugh was the way my sister was impersonating my step-mother, and how I could really relate to how she was telling the story. And because of this, tears were literally streaming down my face full of laughter, and my belly hurt so much from laughing it felt like I had just done 100 sit ups.  Even now as I am writing this, I’m remembering how good that laugh actually was.  Anyway…


After the phone call with my sister had finished, some people told me that they could hear me laughing, and they told me how much they enjoyed hearing me laugh, and how it made them smile. And they even told me what a beautiful person I was, just because of this moment.


I guess the essence of this story is not about my step-mother, but it is about the connection that you have with somebody or other’s through laughing.  And for some people, it doesn’t have to be a big laughing fit, but it’s about a connection and common understanding through something positive; and how you could be having the worst day possible, and then all of a sudden, someone tells you something funny, and you get the chance to laugh.

So when you were reading this story, I hope it made you think of a time when you laughed… or it has motivated you to arrange a time to catch up with someone or a group of friends to have a laugh; because you just realised that you haven’t laughed in a while;  and that it might just take the pressure off your shoulders if you do.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.”  By Charles Dickens


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