10 Apps to Stress Less

Happy Mental Health Month everyone!

You might have seen the posters up for Mental Health month with the 10 Tips to Stress Less. I often find when I talk to people about what helps with stress they don’t know what works for them. Or they know what they need but don’t know how to get it (e.g. a good night’s sleep for someone with insomnia).

Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying out new things til you find something that works, other times you might need a little assistance. Luckily help is at hand…or in your pocket.

Here are my 10 tips to stress less (with help from your trusty smart phone):

10 (ish) Apps to Stress Less1. Get active – Check out any of those fitness apps that help you make fitness goals or remind you to be active. I use Nike Training Club and Runkeeper. If you are after something a little more fun/different maybe Zombies, Run! is more your style.

2. Call a friend – Sometimes texting or chatting just isn’t enough and only a phone call (or video call) will do.

3. Get some good sleep – If you struggle to get good sleep there are lots of apps out there to help improve sleep. I like Sleep Stream for getting to sleep and Sleep Cycle to track how much sleep and what quality.

4. Cook a meal from scratch – If you don’t know how to cook apps like Taste.com.au or Cook Everything have tips for cooking as well as tonnes of recipes to try out.

5. Laugh – Read a comic, play a game, watch stupid videos on youtube. Whatever gets you rolling on the floor laughing.

6. Take some time out – learning mindfulness can have lots of health benefits as well as reducing stress – If you’ve never tried mindfulness the Headspace app has a free ten day beginners program to download if you want to try it out. If mindfulness seems like a bit of hippy mumbo jumbo to you, try playing a game that makes you focus one just the one thing like Sudoku puzzles or arcade games.

7. Play your favourite song – Or even better…make yourself a stress reduction playlist.

8. Write it down – sometimes all you need is just to get it out of your system. Writing in a journal is a great way to do this. I love the feel of writing in a notebook to really get the stress out but sometimes a journal or note app on the phone is much more convenient.

9. Surround yourself with reminders of what you love – Fill your phone with photos of things and people that you love. Use them as your wallpaper or make an album to look at when you need a break.

10. Do one thing at a time – Get organised with a to do list and knock off one item at a time. Having 5 completed tasks at the end of the day is much more rewarding than 10 half finished tasks.

What apps do you use to help manage everyday (and not so everyday) stress?


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