Five tips on how to make big decisions

Decisions decisionsDecision making is a part of life…

You could almost say that the decisions we choose to make, shape our life. Making big decisions can be overwhelming, confusing, and can even make you feel anxious; especially when it’s a new situation or a challenge in your life.

Making decisions sounds simple, but major decision can be life changing. It really does come down to you being responsible for your life; And for young people, that can be threatening, especially when you don’t know what you want.


So let’s break it down: I’m going to share some tips that I have found very helpful in my life, and I hope you find it the same.

  1. My first motto is “if in doubt… don’t do” , unless you feel confident in understanding the outcome of your decision, and you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the change, then I suggest you give yourself a bit more time to think it through.
  2. Tools to help you think it through – Sometimes we can’t always think clearly because the stress of making decisions can be a bit loud in our head or feel like you have a big cloud in your brain. So using a visual tool can help you see things a bit clearer such as: Map it out/visual board – start with where you are, and where do you want to go…set small goals. Cut out pictures from magazines and from online. Talking to parents, friends, school counsellor and year advisors can be a great start in clarifying your goals. Once you are clear about what pathway you want to go down; STOP and ask yourself, if I make this decision, will it take me to where I want to go.
  3. Pro’s and Con’s – sometimes making a list of the positive and negatives about the decision, will allow you to think ahead, and foresee the consequences that could come from making the decision.
  4. Face doubt and have a back-up plan. – There will never be a guarantee that what you decide will turn out the way you had planned; so have a back-up plan. Again, talk to people you trust or seek professional advice. See links below!       
  5. Never give up… be persistent and make sure that you choose your environment where possible. Make sure that the friends you choose reflect where you want to go and the life style you want to have. Join a great youth group, go to your nearest drop in centre, and look out for community events that have your hobbies or sport interests.

QUOTE: “Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”Franz Kafka


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