No Fear?

I have a confession…

I am scared of heights.

The minute I get more than a few metres off the ground my heart starts to race and I start to feel like I might fall off whatever it is I’m standing on. I generally try not to look down because that is the moment when I really start to feel unsafe. In fact, I’d say I’m quite anxious when it comes to heights and I have to prepare myself if I know I’m going to have to go somewhere high up. Now I don’t like this, I used to miss out on experiences because I was too scared. But lately I’ve been making myself do things anyway because I don’t want to miss out anymore.

You might have noticed the ads for Beyond Blue at the moment about anxiety and how to recognise it.  Apparently, despite the fact that stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, many people don’t realise they even experience anxiety symptoms until it starts getting in the way of their life. According to this article I Am Anxiety in the Sydney Morning Herald many people think that anxiety is part of their personality rather than something you can get help for.

If you think anxiety is getting in the way of you doing what you want to do, you should try checking out the Beyond Blue website. They have a tonne of useful information on how to spot anxiety as well as strategies on how to cope with the symptoms. Don’t forget, there are always people who can help. Just like you go to a doctor for your physical health you can see a psychologist or counsellor for your mental health.

So, is there something that stress, worry or anxiety has stopped you from doing lately? Maybe with the right strategies you can give it a go, and remember…

Courage is not living without fear.
Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway.

– Chae Richardson

PS check out how far off the ground I am! And I’m even smiling!

Erin heights


One thought on “No Fear?

  1. Love it Erin, great blog

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