– Talk to someone you trust like a friend, youth worker, school counsellor, neighbour or someone who has good listening skills (If you have no one, talk to your cat, dog or even your mirror).

– Walk, run or cry.

– Join a youth group for activities and attend school holiday programs

– Read or watch a film of your choosing

– Take a deep breath – it will help to calm you down. Concentrate when breathing in and out for a minute.

– Dance or sing to the radio or even Karaoke!

– Write a blog

– Practice yoga and meditation which helps with anger, stress and depression


– Run away from home (instead arrange to stay at a relatives or friends)

– Drop out of school (consider speaking to the school counsellor or a youth worker).

– Stay up so late at night that you can’t wake up on time to go to school

– Avoid eating

– Use drugs

– Smoke

– Drink alcohol

– Get a tattoo, piercing …

– Yell back to your parents

– Self harm (there are many other options to consider – see “Do” section above)

– Drive dangerously

These are not healthy acts when you are angry; it may cause further damage to your situation and make it harder to fix later on.


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