Body Language!

Most of what we say isn’t coming out of our mouths.

Hey guys, so whether it’s your girlfriend/boyfriend, parent, teacher, boss at work or your best mate – communication is super important in relationships! One way of improving your communication (there’s lots), is to maintain positive and open body language. Body language can be very powerful in communicating all sorts of emotions.
A couple of weeks ago Phi was talking about anger, so let’s think about anger-and body language for a minute…What naturally happens to your body when you get angry?

Things to watch out for are;

-rolling your eyes
-keeping your arms crossed
-shaking your head
-pointing fingers

-death stares
Depending on the circumstance, if you don’t watch out your body language can actually communicate something different to what you want to say. Being someone who is aware of their communication style and body language is really valuable, and will help a lot of relationships.
Now let’s think about when you’re nervous? When you’re bored? When you’re excited? If you’re struggling to figure out what messages you are sending, that’s cool – just ask the people around you?!
So body language can be really interesting when you start noticing it on yourself or your friends! Something to be mindful of however, is cultural differences. Lots of cultures have different ideas about things like personal space, eye contact, handshakes etc. A person’s body language can often indicate to you how they are feeling on the inside, but it’s really important not to make assumptions about it. Why not clarify it with them?
Check out the body language in these few pictures…can you think of a time that someone’s body language really impacted you?

Have fun guys, Leonie 😉


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