First Step: Modelling

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re really comfortable; in your track pants, loose top & you’re hair in a messy bun?  But you really need to go down to the corner shop or the library or even see a friend but you decide not to go ahead because in your view, how you look isn’t good enough. An even bigger concern is what those people you see might think of you and the perceptions they may form of you. Well I read this really interesting article about a model who wore exactly this and sounds like she was more comfortable in her ‘daggy clothes’ than her modelling look!

The article is about one model’s story about looks and her view of modelling as the platform for better things.  Russell has been a model for a long time and this is what she was quoted saying “Over the past 10 years, I’ve come to see modelling not as an endpoint, but as a starting point. Not as a pinnacle or ideal, but as a seed for conversation. Modelling is no better or worse than any other professions, but it is more obvious, more accessible”?

Having read this article I thought to myself, “hang on who doesn’t want to be a model and why would you want to do anything else?”

make up2

It’s the ideal life – make-up,  photo shoots, amazing clothes, perfect body, right?


Well that could be one way of looking at it and I’m sure many of us have envied the models we see on the catwalks and in the magazines. But when I step back and really think about this view some more, it becomes clear that it’s an unrealistic view and modelling isn’t as perfect as it is seems.

Russell has spoken about both her modelling and personal life and how she has been blessed with good looks but Russell acknowledges and is aware that she is judged by how she presents herself and what she wears, not just by her looks.

One thing that really stands out for me in this article is Russell’s message in sharing her personal photos and comparing them with the modelling photos at the time. It makes me realise that it doesn’t matter what we wear and how we look. For me personally what matters is that I am comfortable with who I am and no makeup or clothes can replace that 🙂

I’d love to hear from you so let me know your thoughts about the article!


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