1. Re-consider what made you get angry at your child? It may be about them staying on the internet for too long, not going straight home after school without a reason, staying up late at night time but not doing their home work, waking up late in the morning and often going to school late or other cultural conflicts.  Each conflict needs be solved as soon as possible.
  2. Try to stay calm as much as you can when you start getting angry toward your children for whatever reasons.  Speak slowly and avoid “heavy words” that may hurt both ways. Try to find out the reasons behind it and plan to solve the problem with your child.
  3. Say NO to physical or verbal abuses because it will damage the parent and child relationship for a long time.
  4. Rather than expecting your children to change first, try changing the way you talk to your children.  It will encourage them to change the way they talk to you
  5. Control your situation by staying calm, speaking less and avoiding damaging words
  6. Don’t ask your child to get out of the house if it’s not what you really want. Because they will leave and may not want to come back. Try to say what you really mean.
  7. Ask yourself what made you get angry? Because sometimes the anger  comes from yourself, not from “outside”
  8. Most of causes of anger come from wanting to protect your children and starts from a lot of worry without great reason.
  9. Do you want to teach your child that getting angry gets results or that you love your children and try to practice good communication skills as much as possible
  10. You can act on your anger by punching the pillow or yelling at the wall… but it will not really solve the issue in the end. Talk to your child to try to understand them. Only your love will calm your anger.

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