Choosing friends….

It’s not something that just young people face. Children and adults are figuring this one out just as much as young people. But it’s so important as a young person, cause your friends are of the utmost importance to you and they really do influence who you are and the decisions you make.

Someone once said to me that you can tell the kind of person someone is without even meeting them, simply by meeting their friends. I’ve pondered that a lot over the years, and tried to figure out what kind of person a stranger might think I am by getting to know my friends. That thought is a bit of a brain-tangler, but makes for some interesting self-reflection.

You will never be your friends, and they will never be you… but your friends help build who you are. So if you take a look at your friends and you’re entirely happy with the person they are, the person they’re becoming, the decisions they’re making, and the other friends they’re keeping, then you’re on a good path! But if you look around at your friends and you’re not quite so sure, then think again, cause these are the people that help mould and create who you are and who you’re going to be.

Maybe it’s time to start challenging your friends with some of the decisions they make. Maybe it’s time to make some new friends. Maybe it’s time to start letting go of some of your old friends.

If you look around you and really don’t see anyone at all, don’t give up. There are plenty of people who would make a fantastic friend for you. Perhaps you just need to gather your courage and be the first one to say hi.

Would love to hear your thoughts everyone!


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