Sharing the Love this Christmas

Christmas tree

People at this time of year often start referring to the “Christmas Spirit” as a way of talking about that special kind of generosity that people often show at Christmas. What is it about Christmas that means people go out of their way to be generous, compassionate, loving and giving?


For many people it is because they recognise that Christmas is a time to celebrate the gift of salvation that started with a baby being born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. People choose to share gifts as a way of passing on this blessing. And recognising that so often for the vulnerable families in our community Christmas is a time of stress and financial pressure instead of joy and peace, people choose to volunteer their time and talents, and give their money, to help people with less than themselves to also enjoy Christmas.

But what happens if you fit into the “less fortunate than them” category? What if you belong to one of the many families struggling this Christmas to pay for food and presents and all the extra costs that seem to appear around this time?

Last week at the ANGLICARE Christmas service the speaker reminded staff of a crucial part of the Christmas message, that Jesus was born a vulnerable child in a vulnerable, poor family. It is a great reminder for us that Jesus knows and understands what it was to be poor and live the struggles that come with that from a very personal experience.

We would love to hear from you on how you share the love at Christmas time. Maybe you give money or time volunteering for a charity or an overseas aid agency. Maybe you buy fairly traded or ethically made gifts. Or maybe you just give someone a smile even when you would prefer not to. Whatever you do, we’d love to know.

ANGLICARE Reconnect would like to wish everyone a very joyful and safe Christmas and we look forward to working with you all again next year.


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