Are you tired of anger damaging your relationship?

Shutting the door, yelling back loudly, throwing subjects, swearing, hitting, raising your voice, running away, losing  your appetite, …etc… You don’t need to do all these things at home when getting angry with parents or other siblings, or relatives. When “communications are about to get “burning’ or you get angry with others and things don’t go the way you like it, are there any other ways you can get things sorted out that makes you feel better and less damaged afterwards?

Here are 8 tips to help “manage” your anger and reduce the damage it can cause:

1.       Relax and calm down:

Drink a cup of cold water or a cup of tea, deep breathing and or having a shower

2.       Improve your communication:

Try not to jump to conclusions.  Ask again if you do not 100% sure. Don’t be misunderstood and get angry about it.  Eg: try summarising what you have just heard if communication is unclear.

3.       Count to 1- 10

When you feel you want to smash the door, kick the wall or hit someone: Stop and count 1 to 10. You will be surprised by what you can do in this 10 seconds.

4.       Tell your friend or someone you trust:

To save you from unnecessary misunderstandings or fighting, go and share your frustrations and anger with your friends.  You just might get some good suggestions from them too.

5.       Make sure you don’t get angry by someone who wanted you to get angry

Be aware that some people may know that you can get angry easily and may try to make you lose your good image in front of other people. Be aware and confront the situation, learn how to answer those testing questions, be in control of your emotions as a result of somebody who is trying to raise your anger!

6.       Use your active listening skill:

Don’t just hear what others say, listen carefully with your heart as well so you can understand well and avoid getting angry.  This has been written about in previous blog articles – click here to read Ross’s article What’s the Difference Between Listening and Hearing

7.       Saying a meaningful sorry:

You may lose your emotional control and get too angry toward someone. Saying sorry to them may help you and others to stay calm and avoid further anger from both of you.

8.       If you have already said something bad. It’s hard to get it back

So, do think carefully before you say anything when angry.

I hope these tips help you maintain a good relationship with anyone and you continue to be calm, and more confident about managing your emotion. Hope to have more tips for you next time!



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