10 tips to stress less…

Hey guys, so October is officially ‘Mental Health’ month. If we haven’t experienced mental illness ourselves, we all know someone close to us who has. Here’s some info I found at http://www.mentalhealth.asn.au – good stuff to know!

Just like your physical health, your mental health needs to be taken care of. It’s important to reflect on whether we are feeling good about ourselves and our lives, if we have good relationships with other people, and if we are enjoying activities that give us purpose and meaning. That’s why the theme for Mental Health Month this year is ‘Celebrate, Connect, & Grow’.

Mental health month is about celebrating the positive things in your life, as well as the strengths and values that have helped you through more challenging times. It is about connecting with others by paying attention to your close relationships, or reaching out and making new friends. It’s about growing; expanding your horizons and trying something new that creates meaning and purpose for you. Could your life include more joy, support or meaning?

How would this make a difference to your mental health?

Let’s be honest – situations in life can be really hard. We may not always feel that positive, and that’s okay. But stressing won’t make it better either. Here are some tips that can reduce stress…you could even have a go at making your personalised list!

1. Share something that makes you laugh
2. Swim in the ocean
3. Remember we all make mistakes
4. Say no when you need to
5. Cook a meal from scratch
6. Tell someone you love them
7. Play your favourite song
8. Do more of what’s important to you
9. Be proud of who you are
10. Celebrate when things go well

Leonie 🙂


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