Yesterday was R U OK day. Did you notice? Maybe someone asked you R U OK? Maybe you asked someone else. 

R U OK day is a national day of action which encourages Australians to reach out to family, friends and colleagues and ask “Are you ok?” R U OK day raises awareness around the high suicide rate in our country and asks people to be aware of the signs and work together to build a more connected community.

Are there people in your life that sometimes you wonder whether they are doing as well as they say they are? Maybe you have noticed a sad look on their face when they think no one is watching. Or maybe they seem uninterested in being sociable and you can’t understand why.  There are lots of signs to look out for when someone is struggling and maybe suffering from depression, for more information you can check out the R U OK website http://www.ruokday.com/resources-for-you/understanding-depression/

Sometimes it’s hard to ask people “R U OK?” When it’s hard to get the words out, it’s good to start with actions that show you care about the person. If someone you know fits the signs of depression R U OK day could be a great opportunity to do something special for them. Or a good incentive to contact that person you have been meaning to contact for ages.  We’d love to hear your suggestions on how to show someone you care enough to listen. Here are some of ours:

  • Have a coffee together
  • Send them a card
  • Leave a chocolate or treat somewhere to surprise them
  • Offer to run an errand for them
  • Send a text, any text – even if you don’t ask the question at least they know you thought about them.

And guess what…while R U OK day only happens once a year (and maybe you missed it this year), if we make it a regular practice to check in with our friends and families then when things aren’t okay it will make it easier for them to ask for help. Now is a great time to make a resolution to ask R U OK? more often.

If you want to know more about R U OK Day events all year round or for tips on how to ask “R U OK?” you can check out their website here: http://www.ruokday.com/resources-for-you/how-to-ask-r-u-ok/


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