6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

Congratulations! After you have worked really hard to prepare your resume, the employer has contacted you for a face to face interview as you hoped.  However, the job interview may also cause you some worries.  All those worries may lead you to make some major unnecessary mistakes while attending a job interview. Well, let’s take a look at all those possible mistakes and how to avoid them.

1.       Inappropriate dressing:

Even if you know that the employer allows their workers to wear shorts or jeans to work, don’t wear it in a job interview.  Don’t try to catch the interviewer’s eyes on the first time by wearing something that you think will help to prove your knowledge of current fashion.  Best dressing  for interviews  is wearing a suit or trousers and collared shirt (males), while a skirt and collared shirt is a good look for a female.

2.       Over talking:

Make sure you apply 2 way communication skills. Be clear when you describe your knowledge and experiences, use active listening skills and prepare for appropriate questions. Listen carefully to the interviewer.

3.       Asking too many unrelated questions:

Be prepared to ask a few, job related questions to the interviewers. If not, it looks like you weren’t prepared for your job interview. Your resume may be good enough but you will seem more valuable to interviewers when you ask some smart questions.

4.       Lack of confidence and energy:

Don’t complain and show your tiredness or anger.  Show your energy and confidence in doing the job.  This job interview may be your last chance to show your work abilities for the job you have applied for.

5.       Cannot show you are the best choice for the position:

All interviewers want to know why they should choose you for this job. Prepare carefully for the position and explain clearly your best abilities that best suit the needs of the job.

6.       Too eager to ask about salary/money:

The Interviewer is the one who should be the first person to mention all salary matters, and they are usually planning to discuss this close to the end of the interviewing session.  If you are the first one to start this conversation on money, your “mark” in this interview is possibly being “counted  down”.

Hey there! Don’t forget to say thank you after the interview and send a letter (or email) the interviewers to show you appreciated their time in interviewing you.  You can also follow up the result after about one week.

Hope you all succeed in your interview! See you next time!


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