Hey guys! I know lots of young people who aren’t sure what they want to do next after school/TAFE. It’s important to make a decision that you feel comfortable with. Here’s some important info on university, just remember that it’s one of MANY options out there – but might be worth considering…

Is uni for everyone?

No. Uni is not for EVERYONE, as not everyone likes the uni environment. Some people prefer TAFE, or traineeships to get qualified.  Some types of work don’t even require uni, but other types of training instead. Uni is a pretty big commitment as it can be 3-4 years long, so take your time thinking it through.

Why go to uni?

Uni can be really good to get qualified, and sometimes can give you a better chance at getting a job in the field you like. Along the way you also get to learn new things, and meet new people.

What types of courses can you do at uni?

Loads! Some of these include – early childhood, nursing, business, welfare, music, art, science, teaching, languages, social work, accounting etc.

Is uni like school?

Yes and no. Doing well at uni means you need to attend classes and do assignments – that part is like school. Uni has no bells and uniforms. You can choose your timetable, and chill out when you don’t have class. However, at uni your teachers don’t chase you to get assignments done – they expect you to do it yourself.

Is uni really expensive?

Most university degrees can be pretty expensive (about $15 – $20,000 or more). However, the good thing is, if you are permanent resident in Australia, the government covers the cost upfront. This is called FEE- HELP. Once you finish studying and start working full time, you then start slowly paying it back little by little. This happens when you start earning over $47,195 a year.

How do I apply for uni?

If you’re considering university, you can apply to UAC on this website – http://www.uac.edu.au/  and click on ‘undergraduate’. UAC takes all applications and they let you know which universities might have made you an offer. You can apply in either September or April depending when you’re thinking of starting.

Where can I get more info?

Careers advisers at school, caseworkers or online (website mentioned above).

Hope this helps!

Leonie 🙂


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