Tips for Unwinding #3

How’s your sleep???  Sleep is such an important part of staying healthy and good mental wellbeing but so many of us have really bad habits when it comes to getting those zzz’s…  Trouble sleeping?  Well, often we can have difficulty sleeping because we have “poor sleep hygiene”.  So how about some tips for creating a healthy sleep pattern?

  • Cut down on caffeine  
    • Avoid drinks containing caffeine e.g.  tea/coffee, Coke  in the afternoon
  • Turn off the TV
  • Watching TV before going to bed stimulates the brain waking you up rather than relaxing you before bedtime and that includes Video games
    • Try to give yourself 1 hour before bedtime without these things
  • Dim those lights
    • Helps to tell your brain to start unwinding ready for sleep
  • Have a relaxing bath or shower before bed
  • Keep your bed for sleeping only
    • This way you’re telling your brain that bed = sleep
  • Try going to bed the same time every night
    • Choose a time that you normally feel tired to avoid tossing and turning
  • Wake up at the same time each day also helps
  • Read a book/magazine
  • Listen to soft music
  • Deep breathing helps to relax you
    •  Close your eyes and try taking deep, slow breaths – breathing in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds.

 Hope you find some of these tips useful…. Sweet Dreams…


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