Job Seeking Made Easy

You have been thinking about doing some work to earn extra money for months and years but did not know where to start, what to do, or who to ask for help.  

You didn’t feel very confident to pick up the phone to contact the employer when you saw the job advertised that you thought maybe suited you?  

If this sounds like you, here are some tips to help you get started and hopefully find the job you like to do more quickly:

  1. Start letting as many people as possible know that you’re looking for a job.
  2. Keep a record of the employers that you had contacted: their name, their position, telephone number, contact date and other notes, such as when to ring them back, what you have to do next or interview appointment details.  Remember to ring and confirm the appointment before you come – you’ll make a good impression!
  3. Don’t hesitate to contact the employer again in the future if the job wasn’t available when you first asked.
  4. Make an appointment with organisations under JOB NETWORK who can help when you are looking for a job.
  5. Contact community groups and Centre-link to find out more job search techniques, job skills or job help services.
  6. Keep in touch with the latest on what’s happening in the job search area – try to go to Job Expos, careers fairs, or job search skills courses.
  7. Start as soon as you can to learn how to write a RESUME.
  8. Don’t forget – someone you talk to might know of the vacant position you are looking for, so keep asking.
  9. It’s worthwhile remembering too that more people find a job through their networks or other people they may know, than through job ads.

Finally …… the greatest key to success when it comes to finding a job – you guessed correctly it’s – NOT GIVING UP!


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