What’s With All The Orange?

You might have been wondering why there seems to be a lot of people wearing orange today. That would be because orange is the colour of national Say No to Bullying Day which is today. Many websites and articles are being promoted offering strategies to stop bullying such as stopbullying.gov . If you’ve ever been bullied you will know how disempowering it can feel and how it can impact on other areas of your life.

Most of us have experienced bullying one way or another. I’m sure we would all like to be able to say that we won’t put up with it either for ourselves or for someone else. But sometimes it’s not that easy. Making sure there is a positive culture in your group of friends is a great way to prevent unintentional bullying taking place.

So here are some simple, fun ways to promote a positive culture in your group of friends.

Random Acts of Kindness

Take an opportunity to surprise a friend with a Random Act of Kindness. Whether it is bringing them some baked goodies you made yourself; holding the door open; or a surprise hug. You might just make their day.

For more ideas check out the Random Acts of Kindness website

Secret Buddies

If you want to take the Random Acts of Kindness idea one step further. Why don’t you try setting up a secret buddy system in your group of friends. Write everyone’s name on a bit of paper, put them in a hat (or other container) and everyone pulls out a name. Just like with Secret Santas. Only instead of Christmas presents you would to do special, surprise things for your friend each day. See how long you can go without them guessing who their secret buddy is. Be as creative as you can, I have seen people draw smiley faces on another person’s toast before.

Celebrate Your Friends

It’s so easy to make jokes which put another person down, and we all do it. Instead, why don’t you try celebrating your friends’ strengths? Give them a compliment. After all, if there is a chance they might be hurt by a joke then maybe it’s not as funny as it seems. The great thing about giving compliments is that if you start the habit with your friends, pretty soon you’ll find yourself receiving more compliments too.

Got other suggestions on how to build a positive culture with your friends? Let us know….

 Oh and maybe join in and wear some orange.


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