9 Benefits to an After School Job

What are you doing after school today? Do you want to find out some interesting things that you may not know before? Read on to see 9 benefits of getting after school job for yourself, hope it’s helpful for you to explain to your parent when you apply for an after school job.

1. Build yourself real experience in working industry
2. Find out what you are good at doing.
3. Learn better communication skills by dealing with your boss, co-workers and/or customers
4. Earn extra money for your favourite things or buy your best friend a present (plus you don’t have to keep asking your parents)
5. Your parents will trust you more after seeing you tackle new responsibilities
6. Build more self confidence which will help you right now as well as later when you go to apply for full time work.
7. Learn and practice how to do things right while working such as: OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) and Time Management.
8. Gain new skills and make new friends
9. Get experiences to build your Resume to help you apply for full time work later

Yes a job after school is good, but don’t forget your school work. Go ahead, give it a go….

Need ideas on where to start? If you are a young person you can contact us here. Or share your ideas with us right now.


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