How To Stop Your Parents Nagging

Ok, picture this, you’re on the phone to your friend and your mum sticks her head into your room, her eyebrows arching and without hesitation tells you for the 9th time to pick up your clothes from your bedroom floor. You think “hey chill Mum and wait until I am off the phone will ya!”

Why do parents nag? Do they like the sound of their own voices? Probably not. I think they are just doing what their parents tried on them, but ask them if they ever needed to be told over and over to do something and that should be an interesting conversation! Did you ever consider that after your parents have told you 7 times to clean your room and you finally did it, you are teaching them that the method works and is worth repeating? So you don’t want to be nagged, but parents want you to do “that thing they asked you to do” What do you do?

Here are some options:

1. Just do it (if you become a parent, you will love the sound of that) Doing it straight away will buy you credibility for later when you really need it!

2. Ask “when do you need it done by?” instead of a “yeah sure.” It will literally give you some time, nag free, to make your move.

3. Do some of it now. It would be preferable to also have a good reason why you can’t do it all, but there you go. Sometimes every bit helps. You will know your parents and if it’s worth trying.

4. Hey its one of those facts of life. Most of us don’t like chores if we are really honest. Adults want you to do it, you would rather not right now ‘cos there’s always something better to do. Don’t give an opportunity to be nagged

5. Work out a system that is nag free. That system might look like this: You have the responsibility to complete the task etc. Every time you respond to a request without needing a reminder, it is recorded somewhere and after the agreed number, you get a reward as agreed between you and your parents.

6. The other option which is not so nice is you agreeing to losing a bit of pocket money everytime you are “nagged”. As I said it’s not as nice as a reward, but it’s another choice and it might be a better motivator for you.

Why don’t you give one a try? Good luck!


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