Welcome to our blog, thanks for stopping by. If you are new to Reconnect and don’t know who we are, you can find out more about us by checking out our About Reconnect page.

If you know us, you might be wondering

“Why would Reconnect need a blog?”

Well…we want to start a conversation with you.

At Reconnect we love working with young people and helping them make choices that will improve their lives. We believe that whether you are 2 or 102 there is always room for changes that will make life better for each of us. Each week a different member of the Reconnect team will write about something we think might help you with your relationships, your personal growth and skills, or dealing with your parents (or a mix of all three). 

But, this isn’t just about us telling you what we think you can do. We want to hear back. Did you try it? Was it too much effort? Did it work? Was it the worst advice you have ever received?

So why not join us and start the conversation? We’d love to hear what you want to talk about.


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